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Stadia and Arena Solar Installations – Solivus

Solivus specialise in creating renewable, sustainable solutions and have brought to the market a number of products including a unique solar film that won the 2020 Innovation Award at the World Energy Summit. The film is is organic, ultra-light and flexible, with end of life disposal, making it a uniquely environmentally friendly solar solution; a game changer for long span roofs.

With Trivandi’s CEO James Bulley being appointed as chairman, Trivandi have signed a partnership agreement with Solivus who have secured the global rights to supply thin-film solar technologies to stadia, arenas and exhibition centres.

Trivandi provide strategic advice, programme and project management services to Solivus across the stadium and arena market. Our team of highly experienced architects and consultants provide develop feasibility assessments, oversee major installations and enable rigorous quality and technical assurance of those installations.

Our Services

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Programme Management
  • Project Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Quality Assurance