Trivandi Academy

Trivandi has established a training and educational Academy for the major events industry to deliver our mission to continually improve the operations and delivery of major events, train local people to do what we do and leave a sustainable legacy.

Until now, there were no existing certified qualifications for major events professionals or industry-wide transfer of knowledge, yet delivering major events is a highly complex process with huge levels of financial and operational responsibility, requiring in-depth knowledge and understanding, as well as exceptional skills and expertise.

The Academy aims to enhance professionalism, education and training in the industry through certified training courses that will upskill both prospective and established major event professionals as they prepare to deliver complex, major events.

If you are a major event expert and are interested in finding out more about how you can contribute to the Academy, please email

Major Events 101

Major Events 101 is the first course of its kind that has been devised by industry experts and university professors to provide a solid grounding in the planning and operations of complex world class events.

Get Certified as you Learn

The CMI-certified Major Events 101 has recently been launched by the Academy. The 60-hour online, flexible learning course covers the entire event lifecycle from bidding, to planning and delivery, to evaluation and dissolution. Authentic, real-life examples delivered through multimedia content by world-class industry experts bring the theory to life in a format that can be easily transferred to practical day-to-day delivery.

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Course Overview

Course Summary

60 hours
Flexible Learning
English & Arabic

Course Highlights

Certified course content
Covers full event lifecycle
Curated by leading industry experts
Cutting-edge insights
Real life case-studies
Bite-sized, digestible content

Who Should Enroll?

Event Managers
Event Leadership
Venue Operators
Project / Operations Managers
Host City Officials
Venue Developers
Hospitality Providers
LOC/OCOG Personnel
Government Officials
Sport/Event Rights Holders
International Federations
Delivery Agencies
Students wanting to get into the Major Events industry
Anyone passionate about Major Events

Key Course Topics

Strategy & Bidding
Event Masterplanning
Stakeholder & Community Engagement
Operational Planning & Readiness Event Delivery
Evaluation & Legacy

Leading Industry Experts

“When we delivered the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, many of us hadn’t worked on such large-scale, major events before and we had to learn as we went along. Major-Events 101 is an excellent opportunity to fast-track the knowledge and understanding of event leaders and professionals involved in every stage of delivering complex events. I highly recommend participation whatever your role or experience level.”

Lord Paul Deighton, Former CEO, London Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

“We are excited to launch the Trivandi Academy. It provides a unique opportunity to share our team’s in-depth experience of planning and operating more than 260 global major events over the last decade, together with the knowledge and expertise of over 2,000 subject matter experts in our network. This will support us on Trivandi’s mission to continually improve the quality, standards and sustainability of major event delivery and operations. It will also increase the talent pool of industry experts in nations hosting major events through best-in-class training, and leave behind a lasting human legacy of industry know-how.”

James Bulley OBE, CEO, Trivandi

“The launch of the Trivandi Academy is a truly exciting moment for the major events industry. This is just the starting point as we embark on our journey to help professionalise the world of major events. To improve and protect our industry, which we love so much, we believe there needs to be more relevant and accessible education programmes, a professional body to represent event professionals internationally, and recognised event standards developed for major events. We are looking forward to working with our industry colleagues to create a better ecosystem and improve the way major events are delivered for the better.”

Alison Giles, Director, Trivandi Academy

“Major-Events 101 is unique because it provides a snapshot into real life. Participants can hear directly from industry experts who talk about their own experiences, reflect on what did and did not go well, and share how we make events not just more operationally efficient, but also better for people, better for the venues, and more aligned to stakeholders. We hope it will explain to participants more about how their function relates to the broader areas of putting together a major event, and will inspire them to think about how they can improve in their own roles.”

Professor Mike Duignan, Director of Research, Intelligence & Education, Trivandi