Every member of our team is a leader in their field with a can-do attitude. We make things happen.

Vision & Strategy

Our experienced industry advisors provide strategic, financial, economic and commercial analysis in a personalised and tailored way to help major projects deliver maximum value from their offering.

Design & Development

Our qualified architects and venue development specialists work hand-in-glove to lead the masterplanning, design, project management and assurance of major venue, destination and infrastructure projects.

Delivery & Operations

We have unrivalled skills and experience in operational planning, readiness and delivery, stakeholder integration, dissolution, and legacy planning, with a focus on creating exceptional guest experiences.


We provide a practical and realistic approach to sustainability by helping clients to understand their impact on the environment and ways to reduce it. This includes carbon footprint calculation, embodied carbon analysis, education, awareness building, and management systems.

Project Management

At the core of everything, we deliver project management, governance, reporting and risk management structures, and advise on procurement programme requirements, stakeholder mapping and engagement.

Our unique One Team formula brings together trusted experts from every specialist area. Our core services include...

  • Feasibility & Bidding
  • Project Visioning & Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan/Case
  • Operating Model Planning & Procurement
  • Architectural Design
  • Design & Functional Briefs
  • Masterplanning
  • Brand Experience
  • Project Management & Delivery
  • Cost Management & Assurance
  • Project Governance and Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Mapping, Engagement and Management
  • Operational Planning, Readiness + Delivery
  • Guest Experience
  • Legacy Planning
  • Workforce Planning & Deployment
  • Event PMO
  • Sustainability Advisory
  • Training