Trivandi Raises Over £2,000 for FRANK Water

Trivandi Major Project Consultants are proud of our association with FRANK Water, a small Bristol based team of ethical entrepreneurs, researchers and field workers that fund sustainable clean water projects in developing countries across the world. Since they started in 2005 they have funded 116 village projects, saving lives and making a profound impact on rural communities.

Trivandi were delighted to be able to donate over £2,000 to FRANK Water. Over £1,300 of this came from family and friends who very generously sponsored James Bulley on competing in the Triathlon World Championships 2013, as well as a significant donation from Trivandi from their end of year budget. FRANK Water have confirmed that Trivandi’s donation will provide life changing access to clean, safe water for rural communities in Andhrah Pradesh in India.

FRANK Water is now at a really exciting stage of development with an increasing focus on the most marginalised groups in India – tribal groups and urban slum dwellers who have no government support and where access to safe drinking water is a constant battle.